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What age group does the Little Explorers magazine target?

The magazine content is orientated towards children between the ages of 5- 10 but children up to the age of 11 tend to engage the material.

Little Explorers magazines are also useful for those who are starting off their journey of knowledge in Islam.

I am unable to make a payment using PayPal or using a bank transfer. Is there any other option I can use to pay for my purchase?

We understand that in some countries using PayPal and bank transfers isn’t an easy option.  We can only suggest to make use of other services available …….

Can I buy a large stock of magazines?

Yes you can make a large custom order by emailing us at info@leworld.co.uk and requesting the issues that you require. Once we quote you on the costs we will send out a PayPal money request for you to settle the payment. Once the payment has been received we will dispatch your order.

I may be interested in stocking the magazine at my retailer / online store – is this possible?

We welcome retailers and wholesalers to stock Little Explorers Magazines.  There are a range of options for potential stockists.  Please contact info@leworld.co.uk to find out more information.

Can I become a sales agent or a volunteer for Little Explorers?

At times, Little Explorers world has various opportunities.  If you wish to get involved, please contact Saadia on saadia@leworld.co.uk and provide information on your skill set and interests and we will get back to you.

How can I advertise my business through Little Explorers?

We have a range of advertising offers available, both print and online.  Please drop an email to advertise@littleexplorersmagazine.co.uk to express your interest and we will provide you information on our advertising packages.

How can I pay for my purchases?

For subscriptions and special offers payments will be taken via PayPal during the purchase checkout.

For a large or ad-hoc orders we can send out a PayPal money request to you or you can deposit the money directly into our bank account: Little Explorers World: account no. 93460606    sort code: 201188  after notifying us of your purchase.

<>Shipping & Returns

Do you deliver magazines internationally, outside of the UK and Europe?

Yes we deliver outside of the UK to anywhere in the world where there is some kind of postal service to receive your purchased goods.

What are the delivery time scales?

For UK orders you can expect a delivery time between 3-7 days & for international orders, 7-10 days.

What happens if I don’t receive my order?

At times there are things beyond our control.  Although we use reliable and mainstream postal services there may be an instance where you do not receive your order within the time frame- we ask that in these cases for UK orders please allow 3 weeks to receive your purchase and for international orders 6 weeks.  If after this period and after investigation with the postal service for another 3 weeks, there is still no sign of your purchase, we will refund your money accordingly.

What happens if the goods that are sent to me are damaged?

We make every effort to ensure that your purchased goods reach you in a perfect state.  However at times there are things beyond our control during the delivery process of the items which might lead to goods being damaged.  In this unlikely case we would request to see proof of the damaged items with details of yourself and the purchase.  We would request that the goods are returned to us (we will pay for the postage of these items) for us to inspect and make a decision. If the goods are damaged to the point that we feel we cannot sell them we will dispatch another replacement order for you in which we will cover the costs of the postage & packaging too.

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