Little Explorers magazine is the worlds 1st global magazine for Muslim children, the magazine is jam packed full of Islamic content for young Muslims between the ages of 5 – 11 years old.

From prophetic stories, learning activities, adventures comic strips, games and knowledge missions, Little Explorers magazine is full of non stop learning and fun orientated for Muslims who really care about the content their children are exposed to.

With over 38 amazing issues designed at the level to engage and excite children and parents alike, this magazine is something that you should not deprive your children from growing up with.

How it Began

In 2010 a young mother and published author from Bradford, UK, teamed up with a small group of like-minded people passionate about children’s education, to launch a unique and seminal product to cater for Muslim families. Little Explorers Magazine is a creative resource aimed at children from all walks of life, to help them to understand more about Islam in a fun and engaging manner.

At the heart of Little Explorers is the desire to instil the love for reading as the channel to develop a thirst for life-long learning, in keeping with Islamic tradition of Iqra! It does this by giving children articles that match their interests, as well as supporting the national curriculum.

Children’s magazines have also become recognised as essential additions to the library as more schools across the UK attempt to boost literacy rates. Research undertaken by the National Literacy Trust, involving 18,000 children and young people, has shown that magazines are a powerful medium for encouraging reading amongst children who do not otherwise read as a pastime.


What Makes Little Explorers Special?

Little Explorers Magazine is FUN for boys and girls across the world, and has a readership spanning far and wide, from the UK, to Canada and Australia.

Little Explorers Magazine is EXCITING and its followers are growingby the day. Our Facebook page has well over 16,000 likes masha’Allah.

Little Explorers Magazine is INTERACTIVE with quizzes and puzzles to break up the facts and figures, support knowledge retention and allow children to foster a genuine interest in learning about the deen.

Little Explorers Magazine is UNIQUE and follows a strict no repeat content policy – so one Ramadan issue for example will never be the same as the next.

Little Explorers Magazine is INCLUSIVE and we ensure that scholarly differences of opinion are avoided in our articles– to allow children to simply be children!

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